A World of Possibilities

We believe in a simplified world full of possibilities. That is why we have developed the VIP First ClassTM VISA® Debit Card empowering you with exclusive perks, benefits and worldwide access that only an exclusive network can provide. Live, Grow, and Explore!


Globally Recognized

Your VIP First ClassTM VISA®  Debit Card, is backed by the world's exclusive, award winning global concierge, providing cardmembers with the highest level of concierge services in major cities around the globe, handling your personal and business needs wherever you go.


Accepted Everywhere

Your VIP First ClassTM VISA®  Debit Card, is backed by the world's largest and most reliable payment network and accepted at 24 million establishments in 220 countries around the globe; Wherever life takes you, the VIP First ClassTM VISA®  goes with you!


Exclusive Access

The VIP First ClassTM VISA®  Debit Card gives you access to an infinite variety of priceless experiences. Enjoy privileged access to the world's trendiest travel destinations and get excited with the best of what's happening in the area of entertainment!


A Different Card

The VIP First ClassTM VISA® Debit Card provides its cardholders with a different level of experience using the VISA® debit network, so there is no credit check, it never impacts your credit and the application process assures those invited are accepted, regardless of their credit qualifications.


A Different Experience

The VIP First ClassTM VISA®  Debit Card is engineered to enhance the human experience. With a global network that has so much to offer – whether you're looking for inner growth, to socialize, expand your knowledge, or explore the far reaches of the globe – you will definitely find it.


A Reason to Explore

Have you seen the Northern Lights? The VIP First ClassTM VISA® Debit Card lets you explore the farthest reaches of the globe – so you can experience the Aurora Borealis with your own eyes in Lapland, Finland – among other incredible experiences. 


A Reason to Grow

The VIP First ClassTM VISA®  Debit Card concierge provides access to hundreds of exclusive events worldwide – giving its cardholders the exciting ability to learn from, and connect with, elite individuals from around the world – thus, generating fantastic opportunities!


A Reason to Learn

Want to explore the Louvre in a semi private session followed by dinner? The VIP First ClassTM VISA® Debit Card provides access to viewing experiences and speaking events, where you can learn from the world's top professionals.


For Timeless Moments

Imagine having a private dinner in the Sahara Desert? The VIP First ClassTM VISA®  Debit Card – global concierge specialists – can arrange extravagant experiences that fit your passion, so you can build more timeless moments. Who would you take?  


And Pure Joy!

Want to bring friends and family? No problem! With the VIP First ClassTM VISA®  Debit Card you can share your invitation code to friends and family members, so you can spend more time with those you care about the most. Because family is what truly matters!


Live, Grow, & Explore!

What else is out there? The VIP First ClassTM VISA® Debit Card is your key to a world of exciting experiences and discoveries. A unique card program so you can get the best out of life and see the world from a whole new height!


Are you ready?

Join the VIP First ClassTM VISA® Debit Card – the revolutionary invitation only debit card program - Use your invitation code to join with no credit check and no impact to your credit score. Offer available to U.S. Citizens and Residents. See invitation for details.


The Ultimate Card!

A revolutionary debit card with zero fees*, great benefits, streaming funds directly from your checking accounts! It's time to get more out of your debit card and unlock exciting benefits and rewards! The VIP First ClassTM VISA® Debit Card is the ultimate buying tool!


Program Fees

Program Fees for the VIP First ClassTM VISA® Debit Card.

Annual Fees $0
Monthly Fees* $0*
Foreign Fees $0
Overdraft Fees $0
Interest & Late Fees $0
ATM Withdrawals (Other fees may apply) $0
Account Termination $0
Initiation Fee* (One-time) $0
Concierge Setup (One-time) $95
 *Monthly Fees are waived when combined monthly signature purchases exceed $1,500, otherwise $15/Mo.


The VIP First Class TM VISA®

World Exclusive Elite - empowering you with exclusive benefits, and worldwide access!

  • World Exclusive Debit Card
  • Offered by Invitation Only
  • Accepted Worldwide with VISA®
  • Exclusive Perks and Benefits
  • Award Winning World Concierge
  • $0 Fees with $1,500 monthly spending
  • Never Impacts your Credit Score
  • Links with your Bank Accounts
  • No Foreign Fees & $0 Fraud Liability

Join the revolutionary invitation-only card program combining the simplicity of debit with the finest in prestige, perks and rewards!


The VIP First Class® VISA® Debit Card Offer is offered by invitation only. You must be a U.S. Citizen or Permanent Resident and at least 18 years old to join and receive a VIP First Class® VISA® Debit Card upon meeting proper verification and complying with the program requirements. The VIP First Class® VISA® Debit Card program is currently accepting early applications, by joining you understand it may take up to 12 weeks for a card to be issued on your behalf. Information on Cardmember Benefits: (1) VIP First Class© Concierge Network: For a list of events and supported countries please visit the website www.vipfirstclass.com. Entry fees and service charges may apply. (2) Additional Information on how to use your benefits are provided in the cardholder's manual once your card arrives. The VIP First Class®  mark is property of VIP First Class Corporation and black card is used for descriptive purposes. VIP First Class® card products are issued by partnering financial institutions within their respective regions pursuant to a license from VISA. VISA® and VISA Signature® are registered trademarks of Visa International Service Association. © 2020 VIP First Class ® USA.